It has been another incredible year of stunning wedding photography entering the inbox of the TOAST Weddings office! Gorgeous weddings from beach to winery, country to backyard with loved up couples and their friends and family captured on the greatest of days. Our TOAST Community of professional and talented wedding photographers have carefully selected imagery from the Mornington Peninsula region that struck a chord with them – be it an intimate moment between two people in love or a backdrop that was completely mind blowing. These images tell the story of people and places and the incredible talent and sheer hard wok involved with the creatives who spend their time getting to know their couples and knowing when the time is right to immortalise their love.

Enjoy these beautifully curated selections and feel the love…

Vanessa Norris Photography

“I loved capturing Stacey and Rob’s relaxed Peninsula wedding. They had an amazing list of local suppliers who make it extra special.”

White Shutter Photography

“Because love is love and love always wins!”

Christian Marc Photography

“May this year go down in history as the year marriage equality became legalised – to me this image represents the fruition of LOVE winning in 2017!”

Perla Photography

“The reason I like this image is quite simple… it’s rare to have a rainbow at a wedding… but a double rainbow??!! That’s just magical!”

Emily Howlett Photography

“Everything about this image just glows ‘love’ and it just gives me the warm and fuzzies. An intimate moment shared with loved ones surrounded by fairy lights in a barn sounds like pure perfection to me.”

Immerse Photography

“My fave shot from this year has to be this glorious shoot we did in the Cactus Farm. Gorgeous dress, stunning location, coloured smoke bombs and loved up couple. This shot lived in my head for months so it’s lovely to have been able to create it.”

White Vine Photography

“This image represents: Happiness, love and connection from all over the world. Being my first New York Wedding it will always have a special part in my heart.”

Beach Box Photography

“Perfect timing just after the speeches to catch not only a beautiful sunset but also the moon rising taken at The Baths in Sorrento a few weeks ago!”

In Photography by Michelle Pragt

“I’ve chosen this one because it fully embodies the feeling of this couple in this moment. Their touch is so tender and soft and the look on their faces is completely content. The soft light at sunset further enhances the mood. I love the texture and line of the tree which leads you to the couple, and even the knot in the wood tells me this is love!!!”

Veri Photography

“Can really sense the connection, the togetherness between them and the yearning for their future ahead.”

Jessica Rose Photography

I really enjoy photographing love amongst beautiful landscapes and I think this is my favourite due to the scenery, colours and the way he was helping her walk down.”

Georgia Wiggs Photography

“This is one of my favourite images of the year – taken on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Capturing those post-wedding giggles and excitement during a spectacular sunset.”

Matt Elliott Photography

“My favourite part is that it showcases her stunning dress in a beautiful location.”

Milk Photography

“Karly and Michael’s seaside wedding day.”

Austin Photography

“Focus on love… always!”

Miss Pickle Photography

Courtney and Ben are two of the most loved up souls I’ve ever met. They were blessed with the best sunset of the year on their wedding day. Every time I see these photos I go back to the way I felt on the beach that evening… so very very fortunate to be there with them.”