Here at TOAST Weddings we are privileged to see our fabulous photographers work all through the year and are always amazed and delighted by the sense of fresh wonder and perspective shown in each beautiful day captured.  When asked to pick their favourite image to share with you, our TOAST photographers sheer delight in what they do is shown in each and every frame and you can see how these talented artists are inspired by the eternal journey of love that they are witness to.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and emotion and be inspired by the simple truth of two people in love, experiencing complete wedding bliss. Lovely.

Vanessa Norris Photography

“The backyard wedding of Lucy + Lukas blew me away – un-traditional and authentic with an abundance of love and laughter.”

Matt Elliott Photography

“This wedding gave us everything that we could have wished for. We had magic conditions, a beautiful sunset and an amazing couple to work with.”

Christian Marc Photography

“This is one of my favourite images this year because it ends the question of ‘what if it rains on my Wedding day?  Will we still be able to get good photos?’…
The Peninsula is renowned for it’s nature and outdoor venues, and it’s interchanging weather patterns – so just embrace it like Jaz and Ben
did and trust your photographer to capture what unfolds”

Miss Pickle Photography

“I love this shot because it rained all day and you would never know it from the vibrancy of the flowers and their happy faces!”

Perla Photography

“Selecting my favourite image for 2016 was a very hard task, as I captured so many beautiful couples!
However, I kept coming back to this picture: the pink sunset, the reflection of the couple on the lake at Stillwater at Crittenden and the dog
(aka best man) following Bryony and Damien in this candid moment, makes this capture romantic, natural and unique.”

Georgia Wiggs Photography

“A quiet moment with perfect light on a perfect day at Emma & Stu’s wedding.”

Oak and Fawn Photography

“I love how Ellen and Tim’s love for each other really shines in this image, plus the location is breathtaking,
displaying the natural beauty of the Mornington Peninsula”

In Photography by Michelle Pragt

Shortly after posting this photo online I received a message from the father of the groom, a man who I thought on the day was the type of man who kept to himself.
His message: “So beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful shot. You showed the happy feel of the whole event in one image. Happiest day of my life.”
The picture shows the happy bride and groom taking their first steps back down the aisle together, with all of their happy parents in the background

Beach Box Photography

“It was a very hard choice…..!!!! I’ve chosen this one because the smile and the look on Elyse’s face say it all,
just so happy to be marrying her guy! He’s also reflected in her eyes”

Vanessa Jones Photography

“I love this shot,  its that magical moment when the bride and groom forget I am there and are so in love.”