Gallery One Photography … “Because after all the posing, cake, and dresses, love is what it is all about”

Vanessa Norris Photography … “Troy swept Tess off her feet…”

Christian Marc Photography … “Stars can’t shine without darkness”

Jiva Workshop Photography and Video … “I love the lens flare through the trees on this shot and the way the brides veil flows in the breeze”

Sarah Coyle Photography … “I feel it encapsulates many of the emotions each Bride & Groom experience on their wedding day, particularly after the official ceremony has taken place; EXTREME LOVE, SINCERE HAPPINESS, JOY, RELIEF & EXCITEMENT just to name a few”

Janis House Photography … “Here is one of my fav pics from 2015 … simply beautiful from Baxter Barn”

Georgia Wiggs Photography … “This is from Lucy and Michael’s wedding stunning garden wedding. I love those quite moments in between kisses when it’s just them“

Matt Elliot Photography … “I picked this because of the moment that it captures, a gentleman brought to tears by his bride”

Austin Photography … “Mandy & Michael – Primary school teacher marries a fireman….enough said!! Very cute couple, surrounding by lots of loving family & friends”

In Photography by Michelle Pragt … “For me it’s one of those completely candid moments that happen on a wedding day, that you just have to be ready for, because there’s no repeating it. Plus these girls were so gorgeous and so much fun!”

Vanessa Jones Photography … “Roxanne and Wayne Johnston spent the whole day laughing and loving every moment of their wedding day, it was such a joy to photograph”


The creativity shown by our brides and grooms and the talented wedding vendors that work with them are shown in all their glory by this series of favourite images, handpicked by our TOAST Wedding Photographers.  For most of them, this was almost an impossible task with so many gorgeous weddings to choose from…we are so amazed by the range of celebrations of all kinds and how each one was ultimately about the bringing together of couples, where love was king… read on and let the imagery (in no particular order) fill your hearts…